Friday 3 April 2015



I am excited to say I have brought forward the release of THE SERPENT SWORD, as things have taken less time than anticipated to sort out. So, the Kindle book is still available for pre-order, but will now be live on 7th April. If you've pre-ordered already (thanks!), it will download to your Kindle on that date.

If you prefer a physical book, the paperback is already available to purchase on Amazon.

If you haven't ordered it already, what are you waiting for? smile emoticon

For all those who have been following my journey to publication over the last couple of years, thanks for all the supportive messages and positive vibes and help with everything from Anglo-Saxon pronunciations to proof-reading. This is a major step in Beobrand's journey, but there are plenty more to come!

One last thing, if you enjoy the book, please leave a rating and review, even if just a few words, as it is so important in attracting others to give the book a chance.

All the best and happy reading!


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