Sunday 26 April 2015

Book Giveaway Winners, more Competitions and a Status Update!

It has been a great couple of weeks since the launch of THE SERPENT SWORD. It is selling well and has garnered lots of positive reviews already. I'm very pleased, as you can imagine. Thanks to everyone who has bought it already. If you like it, please leave a review. It means so much and is really great to help readers make a decision on a new author.

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I also ran a Giveaway competition on Goodreads in which I offered two signed copies of the paperback. The competition gained over 1,400 entrants from all over the world (how many?!), which is great exposure. Thank you to everyone who entered. I can now announce the two lucky winners.

Congratulations to Katie, from the USA, and Megan, from the UK, each of whom will receive a signed copy of THE SERPENT SWORD in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

Next Competition

The next competition I plan to run will be exclusive to people signed up on my mailing list. I am still thinking of the exact details of the prize, but I'll be announcing it soon and it will only be open to my Newsletter subscribers (and there are a lot less than 1,400, I can tell you!). 

Click here to subscribe, or enter your email in the Mailing List box on the blog. You can also find the form for sign up to the Newsletter mailing list on and on my Facebook page, so you have no excuse! Or perhaps that should be "no escape"! 

Quick Status Update

Book 2 of The Bernicia Chronicles is already complete and out with my agent. While he wines and dines editors and tries to sell it, I am busy working on Book 3. I'm up to 26,000 words and things are really starting to click. I have a title in mind, but think I'll put up a poll to help me decide on the exact wording sometime soon.

Thanks again to everyone who has bought the book. If you haven't yet, what are you waiting for? The E-book is less than a pint of beer or a coffee from Starbucks!

Keep on reading!

Tuesday 7 April 2015


It has taken years of effort and sometimes I thought it would never happen, but today, my debut novel, THE SERPENT SWORD, is available worldwide in E-book and paperback.

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On the way to publication, I garnered some great quotes from fabulously talented authors. I am in their debt. Their comments really helped me to create some buzz around the book.

In the week running up to the launch date, THE SERPENT SWORD has already picked up some glowing reviews from advance copies, with hopefully many more to follow once the book is "in the wild". I am extremely thankful for each review, as it really does make a difference in terms of giving the novel visibility. So thank you, and if you read the book (and why wouldn't you?!), please leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.


Hoover Book Rreviews

Parmenion Books

Speesh Reads


Now, I'd better get on with writing book 3 - title announcement soon!

Friday 3 April 2015



I am excited to say I have brought forward the release of THE SERPENT SWORD, as things have taken less time than anticipated to sort out. So, the Kindle book is still available for pre-order, but will now be live on 7th April. If you've pre-ordered already (thanks!), it will download to your Kindle on that date.

If you prefer a physical book, the paperback is already available to purchase on Amazon.

If you haven't ordered it already, what are you waiting for? smile emoticon

For all those who have been following my journey to publication over the last couple of years, thanks for all the supportive messages and positive vibes and help with everything from Anglo-Saxon pronunciations to proof-reading. This is a major step in Beobrand's journey, but there are plenty more to come!

One last thing, if you enjoy the book, please leave a rating and review, even if just a few words, as it is so important in attracting others to give the book a chance.

All the best and happy reading!