Thursday 4 March 2021

Publication day and a new event!

Publication day!

Today is the UK publication day for the hardback of A Time for Swords and the paperback of Fortress of Fury. They are out in the US on 1st May.


On 27th March at 9.30pm BST, I will be appearing on a Facebook Live event with fellow historical fiction author, Steven A. McKay. We will be talking about all manner of things, and will be taking questions too. And it won’t cost you a penny, so come along and join us. It should be fun!

I am also appearing at the online Wrexham Carnival of Words on Friday 23rd April at 6pm BST, as part of the Historical Fiction Night.

Tickets are £15 and include all of the online events for the whole festival. A bargain!

There will be an online launch event for the US publication of A Time for Swords. More details soon.

As part of the US launch, there will also be an opportunity to buy a limited signed bookplate edition of A Time for Swords from an independent bookstore.
For Lord and Land

Don’t forget that the eighth book in the Bernicia Chronicles, For Lord and Land, is now available for pre-order.

Stay safe and happy reading!

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