Sunday 22 November 2015


It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Kindle version of book 2 of the Bernicia Chronicles, THE CROSS AND THE CURSE, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Pre-order here:

Giles Kristian, bestselling author of God of Vengeance and the Raven series says the following about THE CROSS AND THE CURSE:
"A tale that rings like sword song in the reader's mind. Warriors, shield walls, the carnage of the war as it tears at a land that is not yet a nation. Beobrand is a hero to stand shoulder to shoulder with and his story is one to be told round the hearth fire on a dark night. Harffy knows his genre inside out and The Cross and the Curse proves it."
This sequel to The Serpent Sword throws you straight back into Beobrand's world. See what adventures await him in the maelstrom of early seventh century Britain. Beobrand makes new friends and confronts enemies old and new. There are more battles, treachery, twists, love and loss. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

THE CROSS AND THE CURSE will be released on 22nd January 2016. (I will try and get it out a bit sooner than this, but that is the absolute latest date when it can go live and the book will miraculously appear on your Kindle if you've pre-ordered it.)

THE CROSS AND THE CURSE will also be available in paperback, but that will not be on the website until the launch date.

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